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Cérémonie Tea is pleased to announce that it is expanding its markets in Germany. As part of this effort, the Cérémonie Team has prepared a new website in the German language for the growing German market. Currently, Cérémonie Tea works with distinguished companies such as Herzog Kaffee (

Cérémonie Tea CEO, Dr. Efrat Schorr shared, “We are thrilled to expand our teas throughout Germany. The German customer seeks high quality products with an appreciation for design. We feel that this is something we represent with our premium teas”.

Established in 2003, Cérémonie has redefined the Israeli tea market by introducing whole leaf teas and highest quality herbs, spices, and flowers, creating delightful taste and aroma wrapped in eye-catching designs. Cérémonie is now pleased to announce expansion to luxurious locations worldwide.

Cérémonie Tea offers tea solutions for retail, gift, and food service businesses of all types. Their range of products, including their Signature Mini Cubes, pyramid tea for retail, beautiful and distinctive tea gifts as well as loose tea blends and food service products for restaurants and hotels. Their high standards of flavor and freshness characterize each and every one of their products. Cérémonie Tea aims to provide exceptional value.

Check out our site in German here:

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