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Cathay Pacific Inflight Offer of Ceremonie Tea Gifts


Hong Kong, February 15, 2017

Cérémonie Tea announced today an exciting new offer in partnership with Cathay Pacific Airways. Cathay Pacific offers unique “Inflight Gift Redemption” for valued customers of their Duty Free shop. In a culture that is very steeped in tea culture, Cérémonie Tea offers a modern interpretation of the traditional ceremonies of ancient cultures, innovative in style of serving but classic and timeless in taste. Cérémonie Tea also makes a unique gift that everyone can enjoy. Whether for a health conscious friend or a sweet grandmother, they all would enjoy a cup of tea. Cérémonie Tea is the perfect gift for the modern traveler.

Cathay Pacific Airways is an international airline registered and based in Hong Kong, offering scheduled cargo and passenger services to more than 110 destinations around the world. They are deeply committed to Hong Kong, where the Company was founded in 1946. They continue to make substantial investments to develop Hong Kong's aviation industry and enhance Hong Kong's position as a regional transportation hub.



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