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Steep Thoughts from a Tea Blender

Steep Thoughts from a Tea Blender

What makes tea so unique?

Tea is a most unique beverage. As modern as it is, it remains traditional and connected to its roots.

I was reading that the world's oldest & largest tea auctioneer, J Thomas & Co. PVT LTD. (, will be hanging their gavel this year to make way for online auctions. This major change left the auctioneer with a feeling "as if the sky had fallen". NPR Morning Edition's Sandip Roy said, "And though it won't be presented and sold with as much pageantry as it has been, Darjeeling tea will still be hand-plucked."

This dichotomy, of the combination of both our modern world combined with traditional methods, have all boiled down into a cup of tea. Every sip of tea connects our modern aspirations with our deep rooted traditions. We have much to learn from the world around us, even from a "simple" cup of tea.


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