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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Everything Tea to Bring Cérémonie Tea to South Africa and the SADC Region Cérémonie Tea is pleased to announce that Everything Tea will become the exclusive distributors of Cérémonie’s premium tea products in South Africa and the SADC region.

“We wanted to help South Africans discover the ritual of tea,” Joanne Vermaak, Founder at Everything Tea said about finding Cérémonie, “the exquisite and simple beauty that offers a moment out of the madness of life. When we discovered Cérémonie, we fell in love with the brand, the tea, the people, and we are so excited to partner with them to bring these flavours to our continent!” Joanne, together with Co-Founder Tessa Kerrich-Walker, attribute a desire to have South Africans take a moment out of the madness, by living the art of tea and creating experiences, connections, and friendship.

Since 2013, Cérémonie Tea has been successfully launching its range of gourmet tea offerings in specialty food and beverage markets worldwide. Their products are characterized by fine whole leaf teas and highest quality herbs, spices, and flowers, creating delightful taste and aroma wrapped in eye-catching designs.

Cérémonie Tea offers customized tea solutions for retail, gift, and food service businesses of all types. Their range of products, including their Signature Mini Cubes, pyramid tea for retail, beautiful and distinctive tea gifts as well as loose tea blends, and food service products for restaurants and hotels.

“For Everything Tea, tea is everything - it comforts, inspires, and brings people together,” explained Ms. Kerrich-Walker. “The Everything Tea story has dedicated chapters to tastes both foreign and local, sights both bold and detailed, fragrances, textures, cultures. In building our story, Everything Tea has embraced the best of what makes tea so incredible. 2016 is a big year for Everything Tea as we gear up to bring Cérémonie to the nation!”

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