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Cérémonie Tea and Sell-A-Vend are pleased to announce the launch of a distribution agreement to develop the growing premium tea market, introducing speciality teas and herbal infusions to the United Kingdom and Europe. Sell-A-Vend is a family-owned business with over 60 years of experience in the vending and horeca sectors, including worldwide import and export. “We are very enthusiastic about this new partnership in the UK and European market”, said Bryan Simpson,“we recognise there is increasing interest in premium tea products, across the key market segments in the UK and Europe, as tea drinkers discover the enjoyment of gourmet teas. With Sell-A-Vend’s proven track record for customer service and Cérémonie’s unique range of quality tea products we are all looking forward to a successful partnership”.

Cérémonie Tea offers a modern interpretation of the traditional ceremonies of ancient cultures, innovative in style of serving but classic and timeless in taste. Cérémonie Tea specialises in whole leaf teas, wrapped in eye-catching designs for a range of food-service and hospitality businesses as well as unique tea gifts.

For more information on UK and European sales, please contact: Bryan Simpson @

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