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Mediterranean Island of Cyprus Ready for Tea Time with Cérémonie Style!

Nicosia, Cyprus, April 1, 2017

Cyprus, known for its beaches, wine, and halloumi cheese, is now ready for tea time with Cérémonie style! Beginning in Spring 2017, Cérémonie will be distributed throughout Cyprus by Vassos Eliades Ltd.

Vassos Eliades Ltd is one of the biggest trading companies in Cyprus. Their range of products distributed is wide, ranging from foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, mass market consumer goods, luxury watches, jewellery and accessories as well as fitness equipment. Vassos Eliades Ltd is trusted by the largest multinational companies in the world to handle their brands in the Cyprus market and has been the agent of Swiss food giant NESTLÉ for the island of Cyprus since the inception of the company in 1933. Vassos Eliades today is a third- generation family-owned company, adhering to the same family values that were instilled in the company by its founder back in 1933.

Established in 2003, Cérémonie is a family-owned business that has integrated timeless tea traditions and redefined the Israeli tea market by introducing whole leaf teas, wrapped in eye-catching designs. Cérémonie is now expanding worldwide to enable customers around the globe to enjoy a gourmet tea experience. Cérémonie and Vassos Eliades will be bringing tea to luxury hotels, bed and breakfasts, quality supermarkets, and restaurants across the island.

Jason Rozen, Master Tea Blender at Cérémonie, is particularly excited about adding Cyprus to his range of international tea partners. “I’m from California, so working with people who enjoy beaches and mountains, and getting together with good friends over a cup of tea, makes me feel right at home.”



24 Aristidou Str.

P.O.Box 21085

Ayios Dometios


2370 Cyprus

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