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Toronto, Canada to share Cérémonie Tea’s world of tea culture and taste


Toronto, Canada

Cérémonie Tea continues to share it’s story of tea around the globe. The latest stop in its world wide trek is Toronto, Canada. Toronto has seen an exponential growth in the specialty gourmet food market in recent years. Internationally acclaimed chef restaurants and the availability of specialty food have flourished throughout the city. In such a food conscious environment, that also has placed a great emphasis on sharing a diverse culinary scene, Cérémonie Tea has found a warm and inviting partner with Fruit of the Land. Fruit of the Land is a North American retailer and distributor committed to providing the very best all natural, unique, kosher specialty foods.

Cérémonie Tea provides gourmet tea to a discerning palate looking to taste tea culture from around the world. From their Indian Chai to their Moroccan Mint, tea flavors from around the world can now be brewed fresh in Toronto. Cérémonie Tea, also awarded by SIAL Paris 2014 for Innovative Design, makes the ideal gift for basically anyone.

“Cérémonie Tea is the perfect addition to our Fruit of the Land retail gourmet shops,” says Stacey Kurtz, VP Marketing Fruit of the Land. “We have a major focus on gift baskets and Cérémonie Tea’s elegant packaging and superior product complements our baskets beautifully. Cérémonie Tea has been well received by our customers in Toronto, and because they offer a wide variety of flavours, there is a tea for everyone.” says Kurtz.

“We are also proud to be exhibiting the Cérémonie Tea line at the Toronto Gift Fair and other international trade shows for wholesale sales. And the collection can be purchased online in Canada through The Shopping Channel as well.”

To Contact Fruit of the Land

Stacey Kurtz

VP, Marketing

Fruit of the Land Inc.

(905) 761-9611

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