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Waldbronn, Germany, August 4, 2016


Cérémonie Tea to be the exclusive tea of Herzog Kaffee.

Sven Herzog, of Herzog Kaffee, is not just a connoisseur of coffee, he has a passion and a talent to identify quality. The trained Coffeologe and coffee connoisseur describes himself as addicted to coffee and all of its details. This passion for coffee, combined with his many years of catering experience make Sven a great partner for all questions surrounding the topic of coffee. He loves discovering culinary specialties, and is constantly looking for new taste experiences.

Sven Herzog said about partnering with Cérémonie, “Cérémonie Tea is an integral addition to our product list due to its quality, its presentation, and its passion for the tenets of our philosophy. Our customers have confirmed their satisfaction by opting for Cérémonie Tea. They are excited about the incredible sensory experience as well as the quality of the tea.”

Herzog Kaffee offers extensive and competent service in all areas related to the subject of coffee. Whether coffee tasting, espresso seminar conducting, barista training or Luxury Coffee Catering - the specialists from Herzog Coffee offer their customers a professional all-encompassing service at the highest level. Cérémonie Tea will be available, through Herzog Kaffee, in all the fine locations where Herzog Coffee is served. Cérémonie is also proudly served in their Roastery, for tea experiences, as well as for home purchase.

TO CONTACT HERZOG KAFFEE Email Phone Germany + 07243.2083478

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