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A Cérémonie Wedding In Grand Ceremony Style

Jerusalem, Israel

Now for a feel good story this week. Young lady meets young man while both were working a booth for Cérémonie Tea at a summer Arts Festival in Jerusalem. The tea blends put a spell on them and love began to brew. The relationship steeped and steeped. Fast forward a bunch of months and the two were married this past Thursday, June 2nd in Jerusalem. The Cérémonie team was especially excited about this fine pairing, because the mother of the bride just happens to be our beloved office manager. Cérémonie Tea was proud to infuse a little bit of their own teas in celebrating this marriage and placed their signature Mini Cubes at each guest’s seat. As one of the guests commented, “The joy at the wedding, which was truly palpable, was so enhanced with their adorable story of how they met one another while working for Cérémonie Tea.” MAZEL TOV!!!


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