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Lior Taifeld
Factory Manager

Since Lior was a young boy, he fondly recalls the daily ritual of Afternoon Tea with his grandmother at 16:00, a tradition in which the whole family participated.

When Lior joined the Cérémonie family, he naturally felt connected to his work and the world of tea.


He joined the team after years of being involved in the world of production, with his vast administration & mechanical knowledge and skills.  He brings his passion for tea from his youth to everyone. 

Aliza Stavsky
Office Manager

Behind every smooth business operation is the person who holds all the pieces together. Many a morning, Aliza walks into the office after spending all night helping bring a new life into the world.  Although she is a professional doula, she is the backbone of the Cérémonie organization.


The friendly face of Cérémonie Tea, Aliza starts her day with a steaming cup of English Breakfast with milk and sugar, cherishing her Scottish roots.

Ohad Yaakov
Marketing & Sales

Among Ohad's fondest childhood memories, is the Sabbath Eve, when the family sat together, over cups of steaming hot tea, to read and discuss the week's

Bible portion. Ohad learned from his

father to appreciate quality in every product and especially tea, which nourishes the soul.


Matching the product to the requirements

of the customer requires skill, sensitivity, honesty, and faith in the quality of the product. The warmth and dedication of the staff, the tastes, the aromas and the belief that from this business good things will come, brought Ohad, with a degree in marketing and business administration, to make his future with Cérémonie.

Caroline Müller Levy
Graphic Designer

Emphasis on beautiful design at Cérémonie Tea is an essential part of

our culture. Our in-house graphic artist, Caroline, brings her unique and diverse perspective to the creative design studio of Cérémonie Tea.


Her cosmopolitan style is inspired by

her range of creative experiences and the influences acquired along her journey from Berlin, Germany, to Paris, France and then to our team.


Caroline was always a busy tea drinker (green and herbals especially!) to warm her up during the cold winter of Germany. During her time in Paris, she switched over to espresso, but thanks

to Cérémonie, she is back to her regular tea drinking.

Jason Rozen
Master Tea Blender

Jason loves his hot beverages. Since his childhood, he has been drinking hot tea with his family and friends while playing board games or reading his favorite books.


Hailing from Oakland, CA, Jason joined the ranks of Cérémonie Tea where he blends the teas and talks about tea to anyone who will listen and drink with him.


This does not diminish from his passion for coffee. He has learned the art of roasting and preparing coffee in the freshest methods available to him.  

Jason brings his passion for his drinks

and California background, to help

brew the tastiest cup of tea just for you!


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